Stumptown – Chapter 1

My novel Stumptown started as a serial for the Los Angeles magazine and web journal, The Black Boot. In it’s first incarnation it was called Portlandia. For obvious reasons the title has changed. Here’s the first chapter: [READ MORE]


Although he could appreciate the mental picture that went with the phrase – lose your mind, Kyle felt it was just wishful thinking. When the little voices got going, it seemed like he lost touch with everything around him, but his mind. He was just one big, unhappy mind on legs. When Kyle felt the 51/50 coming on, he’d have given anything to lose his mind. [READ MORE]

Second person – once removed.

You exit the classroom with all eyes on you now that you have told them you had 37 pet rats in response to a suspiciously snide sounding comment your teacher made. Out in the hallway now, you examine the exchange more closely and wonder if he wasn’t just honestly curious. Either way, you’ll have to keep in mind all 37 rats for the rest of the semester. You keep your head down as one of the older boys whistles the theme from ‘Ben’ as you walk past. [READ MORE]